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Full Name: Vlad
Aliases: The Meat Man
Gender: Male
Status: Active
First Appearance: Euthanized

Born in Chicago, Vlad was abandoned by his mother shortly after his birth. Vlad was rescued and raised by a kindly butcher who educated Vlad with comic books (his favorite being Chippy Chipmunk). The butcher taught Vlad his trade which is where Vlad gets his skills with a blade. After the buther died Vlad begun leaving the deli for items, donning a gas mask partly to hide his face and partly because the air outside is hard on his lungs. Because of his stature and where he was from locals nicknamed him "The Meat Man". During one of Cassie Hack's early cases, she travelled to Ohio to track a slasher and heard of "The Meat Man" and begun to track him down. After a misunderstanding Vlad joined Cassie and took down "The Mosiac Man", the real slasher of Chicago. Vlad decided to go with Cassie and offer his help in the hunt for slashers.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vlad is highly skilled in the use of his twin knives. He is also superhumanly strong and durable, capable of smashing through doors and walls with ease, cutting grown men and monsters in half with a single swing of his knives, and overpowering many undead, powerful slashers such as Doctor Gross, XO and Father Wrath. His durability is so great that he was able to shrug off being pushed into electrified water with no visible damage. Due to his immense size and strength, many have actually suspected him of being a slasher, though this is not the case. He is, however, far more powerful than any ordinary human.


Vlad always utilizes two oversized butcher knives, which he obtained from his adopted father. He also frequently wears a gas mask and trench coat.

Other Media[]


Vlad has appeared in the non-Hack/Slash comic books War of the Independents #1, and CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2013.