The Legend of the Jersey Devil
Title: The Legend of the Jersey Devil
Creative Team
Writer(s): Ken Haeser
Artist(s): Buz Hasson
Ken Haeser
Letterer: Ken Haeser
Colorist(s): Ken Haeser
Chris Hewitt
Cover Artist(s): Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser (A)
Tim Seeley (B)
Josh Medors (Sketch)
Publication Info
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Publication Date: April 2009
Preceded By: Entry Wound
Followed By: My First Maniac

The Legend of the Jersey Devil is the first Living Corpse Annual, and a crossover between that property and Devil's Due Publishing's Hack/Slash. It was published by Zenescope Entertainment, and written by Ken Haeser, with art by him Buz Hasson.

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