Slice Hard Prelude
Title: Slice Hard Prelude
Creative Team
Writer(s): Tim Seeley
Artist(s): Tim Seeley
Letterer: Brian Crowley
Colorist(s): Katie DeSousa
Cover Artist(s): Ryan Ottley and Ron Riley
Publication Info
Publisher: Devil's Due Publishing
Publication Date: February 2006
Preceded By: Trailers
Followed By: Slice Hard

Slice Hard Prelude is a mini one-shot comic (priced at only twenty-five cents) published by Devil's Due Publishing, and written and drawn by Tim Seeley.

Plot Synopsis Edit

In a house in uptown Minneapolis, a young blond woman identified as Angela is preparing a bath for herself and her date, who tells her through the bathroom door that he usually doesn't go home with girls he meets at clubs ("I'm no player") and that there is just something about her. Outside, hidden in the foliage, Cassie and Vlad are listening in, and after mocking the man's routine, Cassie says they've heard enough, and that the trap is sprung and that this is the slasher they've been looking for.

When the bathwater is ready, the scantily clad Angela approaches the man, and they embrace. As she tries picking the front door's lock, Cassie complains about the couple's noises, telling Vlad that "I know how guys are. You're gonna get all worked up, and I'll have to deal with flirting and innuendo..." before giving up on the door ("I can't pick a lock to save my ass") and having Vlad kick the entire thing (after he hands her the hotdog he was munching on - "Hold my wiener"). Hearing the commotion, Angela panics, and tries to shove her companion into the tub, but is stopped and held at knife point by Vlad. As she tells the man that she knew he would be the kind of guy Angela (better known by her slasher nickname, the Acid Angel) would seek out, Cassie throws Vlad's hotdog into the bathwater, revealing the tub has actually been filled with a powerful acid. As Angel and Cassie stare each other down ("Looks pretty good for a dead chick") Vlad asks what they should do with her, prompting Cassie into nonchalantly suggest taking her out back and shooting her. Before they can do so, Cassie is tazed by the bait, and as Vlad rushes towards him in a rage, armored men burst into the room and knock him out with more laser weaponry (as the ringleader says "enough to lay out a camel"). With Cassie, Vlad and Angel all subdued, the undercover group leader addresses his men with "Nice job, boys. Bait, set, trap. Mission accomplished."

Characters Edit