Full Name: Sergeant Ryan Kramer
Gender: Male
Family: Sergeant Ryan Kramer, Jr. (son?)
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Land of Lost Toys

Sergeant Ryan Kramer was a slasher, resembling a rotted corpse in military fatigues, situated in Barbourville, Kentucky.

History Edit

Born in 1947, Ryan at some point joined the military, attaining the rank of sergeant. While participating in the annual World War II reenactment on Memorial Day, 1977, Ryan was accidentally killed, and subsequently buried in a local cemetery, his tombstone bearing the simple epitaph "A Patriotic Man". Unable to rest in peace, Ryan became a slasher, rising every Memorial Day to kill tourists and vacationers, who he blamed for his death, since the WWII reenactments were only held for the entertainment of visitors.

One Memorial Day, shortly before Ryan was set to rise, Cassie and Vlad stopped by. After having Vlad dig up Ryan's grave, Cassie dropped a bundle of dynamite onto the exposed casket, and the two left, the bomb detonating a few seconds later. After the explosion, all that was left of Ryan was his helmet, which was launched onto a nearby road, a few feet from Vlad.

A Sergeant Ryan Kramer, Jr. exists, though his relation to the original, if any, is never specified.

Appearances Edit