Full Name: Pooch
Gender: Male
Family: Neflords creator
Status: Active
First Appearance: Shout at the Devil

Pooch first appears in issue #3 the "Shout at the Devil" arc as a spawn and servant of the Neflords, Lovecraftian entities which reproduce by impregnating virgins from Earth, abducted Cassie and Margaret Crump to their dimension Nef. Resembling a demonic hairless dog Pooch works under the Neflords' lieutenant Elvis Presley and, after his master is killed and Cassie and Georgia escape Nef, is sent to Earth to kill Cassie, but instead meets and befriends Chris and Lisa, who (reluctantly at first) let Pooch live with them, Pooch decides to abandon the Neflords and have Chris and Lisa as his new masters due to their kindness to him. In the arc "Closer" Pooch is severely injured while loyally defending Chris and Lisa from another agent of the Neflords sent to kill him and Cassie, an agent which is later killed by Chris; Pooch's display of loyalty and bravery ultimately cause Chris and Lisa to realize how much he means to them and the two have begun helping him to recuperate.

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