Full Name: Doctor Emily Christy
Aliases: Ms. America
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Slice Hard

History Edit

While studying biology at Franco-Belle University, Emily Cristy took various small jobs to pay for school, at one point modeling nude. Eventually her good looks and personality got her as far as the Ms. America pageant, which she won. Shortly thereafter, the nude photos resurfaced and were published by GIRLIE magazine. This, of course, caused a large controversy, and Cristy was eventually forced to give up her crown. Determined to help women and utilize her intelligence, she eventually took a job at Ceutotech, Inc, a cosmetics firm she had once been a spokesmodel for. Cristy head the Regenerative Research Division, tasked with studying the regenerative qualities of slashers and the potential youth-restoring effects that could be derived from them.

During a breakout, the slasher known as Acid Angel stabbed Emily, a wound which eventually caused her to bleed to death, but not before she injected herself with the concentrated slasher-derived chemical called “Hate Juice”.

When Emily later returned to life, she discovered she could steal the skin of others. She escaped from a government lab and returned to her alma mater to kill again.