Full Name: Lloyd Sundermann
Gender: Male
Family: Mr. Sundermann father
Mrs. Sundermann mother
Jimmy Sundermann brother
Unnamed sister
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Comic Book Carnage

History Edit

Lloyd Sundermann was always a strange child. He preferred to be alone, where he could read his comic books, most notably, his favorite Wunderkind. But, little did anyone know, Lloyd was not alone. Lloyd was born with his twin brother inside him, a fact that even Lloyd’s mother was unaware of. Jimmy, Lloyd’s brother, began speaking to Lloyd while he was still in Lloyd’s body. Hyper-intelligent, but underdeveloped, Jimmy stayed within Lloyd until they were 11 years old, Lloyd’s mother gave birth to their sister. Enraged at the attention given to this new child, Jimmy convinced Lloyd to kill the baby. At first, horrified by his action, Lloyd cut himself open and eventually tried to remove Jimmy. The two reconciled, and realized they needed each other. The two felt a special kinship over their mutual love for Wunderkind, a comic book they could relate to, since it featured a young boy who could become a grown man. They hoped to one day be as loved and admired as their childhood hero.