Full Name: Julian Gallo
Aliases: Jules Gallo
The Mosaic Man
Gender: Male
Family: Mr. Gallo father
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Land of Lost Toys

Julian Gallo was a slasher active in Chicago, and the first slasher Cassie and Vlad faced together.

History Edit

Born in Chicago, Julian Gallo grew up with an abusive father who beat him constantly, screwing up his face and causing him to grow up very bitter and resentful. As soon as he could, Julian began working as a low-rent hit man for the local mob. Considering his murders works of art, he decided his own face should match his art's beauty, remaking his face into a mosaic of his victims' flesh. Eventually however, Jules ran afoul of his own gang and was killed. He wound up coming back from the dead as a slasher, killed his old boss, and made a weapon from his bones. Julian then set out to slaughter any and all remaining members of the mob family.

Due to the local legends in Chicago about Vlad as "The Meat Man", people began believing it was the Meat Man who was killing people. Acting on these rumors, Cassie Hack came to Chicago to kill the Meat Man and wound up fighting Vlad instead; until she realized that even if he was the Meat Man, he wasn't the slasher she was after. Vlad and Cassie then teamed up and managed to find Julian, the real slasher, and brought his reign to an end by tossing him under a subway train.

Julian was later resurrected by Liberty Lochs to seek revenge on Cassie and Vlad for killing her sister. However, Liberty had also tried to use the same magic she'd used to resurrect Julian to empower Santa Meurte figurines to bring luck to downtrodden people, and because of the inherent necromantic qualities of this magic, the Santa Meurte wound up enslaving souls of the deceased to power them. Julian wound up reacting to the captured souls and sought to free them from their torment by killing everyone who'd received one of the figurines, causing him to break free from Liberty's control and go on a rampage. While Cassie tried to keep Julian occupied, Liberty and Vlad loaded up a van with all the remaining figurines to lure Julian. The plan worked, but neither Cassie nor Vlad were able to put down the magically-strengthened Julian for good. Liberty therefore went with her original plan and lured Julian onto the van and then blew it up with a bomb Vlad had put together for her, destroying the figurines, and killing Julian once more.