Full Name: Niles Rafferty
Aliases: Father Wrath
Gender: Male
Family: Samuel Lawrence nephew
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Girls Gone Dead

Father Wrath was a slasher originally active in Tennessee before being placed under the control of Laura Lochs.

History Edit

Father Wrath was a preacher from Tennessee.  He was a fanatic, racist and homophobe; no-one was sure if he really was a real priest.  However, despite his extreme personality, he was secretly a cross-dresser and was attracted to men.   

Originally, he was grooming a young man named Samuel Lawrence to become his protege and successor. However, when he made sexual advances on Samuel, Samuel smacked him across the head with a wooden crucifix. Father Wrath died from his wounds.  

He remained dead until he was resurrected by Laura Lochs, a vengeful schoolgirl.  Laura had a book of spells that allowed her to control Father Wrath completely. The two headed out a Spring Break beach and the two planned on killing the students there. However, Father Wrath was put to rest by Cassie Hack while Laura Lochs was severely burned. 

Other MediaEdit

  • Father Wrath appeared in the play Stage Fright, portrayed by Jason Bone.