"I've been saying it for awhile... I believe the days of the simple slash and stab are ending. There's no statement in it. These days it's all about the gore and the torture. It's difficult to be an innovator like myself. But it's obvious I'm on to something."
―Doctor Gross[src]

Full Name: Edmund Gross
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Hack/Slash: The Series #1

Doctor Gross was a slasher active in Atlanta, Georgia. Completely lacking skin (which he claims to have removed himself) Gross specialized in torturing his victims both physically and psychologically.

History Edit

A former psychologist, Gross was ruined when several of his students, who he admitted to doing "sick things" to, turned him in. Flaying himself (leaving it ambiguous as to whether he is technically "living" or not) Gross used an abandoned construction site as his lair, and took revenge on the students who ruined him, slowly torturing them to death while psychoanalyzing them.

In order to find Gross, Cassie, equipped with a tracking device so Vlad could find her, allowed herself to be captured by Gross, who tied her to a chair in his hideout, and tortured her by beating her and cutting off two of her toes with a motorized saw. While torturing Cassie, Gross forced her to relive past memories, including being tormented by bullies, her mother's suicide, meeting Vlad, and the day her father left. Seemingly growing bored after diagnosing Cassie with antisocial personality disorder, and pointing out her issues with her father, Gross deems her "untreatable" and prepares to slit her throat when Vlad leaps through the window behind him and cuts one of Gross's arms off. After being untied by Vlad, Cassie simply states "Ya wanna know the truth about me, doc? I'm really fucked up" before shoving Gross out a nearby window and onto a pile of cinderblocks, killing him. [1]

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