Full Name: Ian Mattheson
Aliases: D1ab0liq
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Murder/Suicide

 History Edit

Ian Matheson spent much of his youth as a sequestered computer geek who got along better with machines than humans. The arrival of the internet opened a new world to him, and he became a well known blogger by the age of 15. After 7 years, he’d developed a large following, mostly among the cybergoth subculture. Matheson’s sociopathic rants against humanity often included observations on the future of humanity and the internet.

Eventually, Matheson decided that all prior rules and morality should be cast aside for a new age, and thus he murdered an innocent homeless man and blogged about it. This lead to a confrontation with police, and Matheson’s death. But, Matheson’s “essence” was somehow transferred via bloody USB drive into the internet, where he stalked the Suicide Girls he held responsible for his demise.

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