Full Name: Robert "Bobby" Brunswick
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Euthanized

 History Edit

Bobby Brunswick was a sweet, mentally handicapped child who loved his job working at the local animal shelter, euthanizing unwanted pets. He had great affection for the owner and veterinarian of the clinic, Lisa Elsten. The head nurse, and Lisa’s boyfriend, Kyle Raymond disapproved of this affection and constantly badgered Bobby with remarks and crude jokes. One day, a prank went too far, and Bobby was gassed and died. When Bobby returned as a slasher, he had the ability to control the undead animals he had once “put to sleep.” Now a relentless killer seeking justice, Bobby stalked the town until stopped by Cassie and Vlad.

Other MediaEdit

  • Bobby appeared in the play Stage Fright, portrayed by Paul Czarnowski.
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