Full Name: Ashley Guthrie
Aliases: Ash Guthrie
Muffy Joworski
Gender: Male
Family: Evan Guthrie father
Suzanne Guthrie mother
Lucas Guthrie brother
Status: Unknown
First Appearance: Land of Lost Toys

Ashley Guthrie was a slasher who can kill people in their dreams.

History Edit

Ashley Guthrie was a seemingly “born evil” child of an affluent family in Ohio. Selfish, and demanding of attention, Ashley did not take well to having a younger brother, and when forced to share a toy, he instead bludgeoned the boy. In anger, Ashley’s mother suffocated Ashley with a stuffed bear in his sleep. Soon after, Ashley returned to haunt the dreams of other children, killing them as they slept with their favorite toy. Cassie entered the dream world to stop him, and succeeded in destroying him. Or, so she thought. Through unknown means Ashley was able to return to “life” in the teddy bear he had been suffocated with.